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Past-Life Regression

A Past-Life Regression will guide you to explore memories of a prior lifetime.  This can be done for curiosity and exploratory purposes or to facilitate physical, emotional or spiritual healing.  It can be tremendously effective for resolving conditions in which the cause and/or remedy remains elusive to the medical community. 


Childhood Regression

A Childhood Regression will guide you to explore memories from childhood and/or the womb.  This type of regression can be very useful for finding and removing emotional blocks developed during childhood.  Revisiting childhood memories can allow for hurtful events to be seen and understood in a different manner as an adult and can facilitate emotional healing and release.  


Future Progression

A Future-Life Progression will guide you to explore possibilities of a probable future.  This type of session can help with decision making and relieve fears of failure.  A client who can see the probable outcome of an important choice can feel more confident moving forward and get out of analysis paralysis.   


Spiritual Healing Regression

A Spiritual Healing Regression will guide you to a place where you can commune with your guides, angels, higher-self or spiritual support team.  This type of session can be used to unlock your intuition, gain insight on your life purpose or receive spiritual healing and cleansing. This is a powerful way to experience the love and support available to you in the spirit world. 

What does a regression session cost?
Regression pricing varies from $177 to $333 depending on issue and length of session.  Call if you need a quote.  I'm happy to provide one once I know more details of what you are looking to get from the session.


Ready for a sesssion?


I feel like I have a new lease on life since our sessions.  I'm finally able to feel comfortable just being me, instead of trying to make everyone else happy.  The funny thing is, my relationships are much better now than they were when I was trying to please everyone.  Thank you so much! 

L.T. - Mooresville, NC

I have made leaps and bounds since my session. I no longer feel like I am an emotional wreck because of my past, I am extremely blessed despite my trauma and I am ready to move forward towards success now.

G.A. - Charlotte, NC


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