• Lorna Moon

My name is Lorna Moon...And I'm here to change the world

Who am I, 5’4 nicknamed little ball of nothin’ in my youth to think I can change the world?

I have the divine spark of God in me, who am I not to change the world?

Who am I to let me fellow men and women go on thinking small and wallowing in small problems when they also have the divine spark of God in them?

Who am I NOT to change the world by bringing out the spark of the divine in ALL I meet in everyone I come in contact with, so they can all participate in changing the world?

Together we can rise above the pettiness the TV and the news and the Internet would have you believe is important. Together we can transform this world from one of lack and always wanting more to try to fill the hole inside to a life of fulfillment for all. There is more than enough for all if we see with the eyes of God. We can all Rise and Thrive. It is not limited to someone on TV or some YouTube hero or Instagram influencer. We are all have the divine spark of God in us. We have just forgotten. I am waking up. I am remembering. I know that God is in me and you and you and you and everyone. Let’s remember together. Let’s Live Love and Transform into our highest and best selves and help others do the same.

That fancy car, that new outfit, those extra likes and shares are not going to fill the hole. Waking up to your TRUE self, you realize there was never a hole in the first place. You are complete!

Easy for you to say, Lorna. I’m drowning in [whatever life situation]. You aren’t drowning, you only think you are. Grab my hand and let’s get you out of your imagined hole, to a place where you can see the TRUTH of who you are. And from this place of clarity you can rise above…then you can help others do the same.

Are you ready to join me?

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