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what can coaching do

for me?

In short, coaching can get you from where you are now to where you want to be, but I don't expect you to hire me with that short of an answer.  So, let's dive into specifics.  
As a coach, I partner with YOU in the creative process to make the changes YOU want in your life now.  I help YOU work through blocks and discover what is holding you back.  I also help YOU create a plan to move forward in the direction of your goals and help YOU hold YOURSELF accountable for making the progress YOU want, at YOUR pace.
I am YOUR confidante, cheerleader, motivator and voice of encouragement.  Our sessions are kept in strict confidence, so YOU can feel comfortable sharing whatever YOU need or want to.
Coaching is truly a partnership between coach and client.  With ME helping YOU every step of the way to reach your goals.

want to work together?

Here is an easy way to see if coaching with me is right for you.
Book a FREE Discovery Session! 
Are you ready to drop the emotional baggage and live the life of your dreams?
In this 45 minute session, I will help you discover what is REALLY holding you back and how you can move through it so you can finally make the progress you want.
"I brought a whole laundry list of issues to Lorna when were first met and she helped me identify which ones were causing me the most pain as well as preventing me from designing my optimum life. During our first session she led me on a guided hypnosis to address my fears and anxieties and I left her office feeling a hundred pounds lighter and ready to tackle the world."  A.C. - Charlotte
Are you ready to turn your Pain into Purpose and commit right now to manifesting the life of your dreams?
My Pain to Purpose Signature Program
is a six-step process designed to help you skyrocket your self-love, heal your emotional baggage and completely transform your life.

Step 1:  Opening the Suitcase

Emotional baggage is keeping you trapped in patterns that aren't working for you. The first step to healing this is to open the suitcase and take a look inside. Here we explore your life and your story that led to where you are now. You will be thoroughly and compassionately heard, understood, and validated for your journey.

Step 2:  Unpacking


Now that you've dared to face what you've been carrying around with you, we will look at getting rid of that which is no longer serving you. We will begin to heal the issues that have been weighing you down. We will also explore what lessons can be transmuted into positive tools for your future. You start to find some purpose in your pain.


Step 3:  Choosing your future

With healing and release of old baggage comes the freedom and exhilaration of selecting your new life attitudes and experiences. In this step, you will evaluate the options and choices you have for your life and investigate what you want to invite into your experience. This part is so exciting as you finally shed old expectations, and you realize you are truly FREE to CHOOSE your life.


Step 4:  Tackling Fear and the "Yeah, But's"


Now that you start visualizing all of these exciting choices for your life, there is that little voice that starts to pop up saying "that sounds great, but you're over 40, or you aren't a gazillionaire, or you don't have whatever" This is where we stare down those fears and resolve them once and for all.

Step 5:  Action!

Now is the time to get into motion and start making things happen. You know what you want, and nothing is standing in your way. It's time to start going for it with gusto! But don't worry, you are not alone. I am here to help keep you on track and assist with anything that comes up along the way.  


Step 6:  Celebrate!

We will spend some time celebrating your big wins and incremental shifts, as well as creating a new habit of celebrating what is working well in your life, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant. What you focus your time and energy on increases, and each gain leads to more significant and more profound blessings in your life. Your confidence to continue to create the life of your dreams will continue to grow and expand!


Book a FREE Breakthrough Call NOW to see if the Pain to Purpose Signature Program is right for you!

"I was facing some career and health challenges and just felt stuck. Within an hour of coaching, Lorna was able to pull out the common denominator: Resentment! She created a personalized hypnosis that was about 30 minutes long and I went under quickly during the session. She recorded it and encouraged me to listen to it before I go to bed as many nights as I was able. I felt better immediately and like something was working under the surface. I continued coaching sessions with her and she helped me get clear on exactly what I wanted to create in my life. Within only 2 weeks I received a dream job offer and new clients were being referred to me for my side business. The resentment block was lifted…now I’m drenched in abundance. Highly recommend Live Love Transform!" M.M. - Charlotte