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what can coaching do

for me?

In short, coaching can get you from where you are now to where you want to be, but I don't expect you to hire me with that short of an answer.  So, let's dive into specifics.  
As a coach, I partner with YOU in the creative process to make the changes YOU want in your life now.  I help YOU work through blocks and discover what is holding you back.  I also help YOU create a plan to move forward in the direction of your goals and help YOU hold YOURSELF accountable for making the progress YOU want, at YOUR pace.
I am YOUR confidante, cheerleader, motivator and voice of encouragement.  Our sessions are kept in strict confidence, so YOU can feel comfortable sharing whatever YOU need or want to.
Coaching is truly a partnership between coach and client.  With ME helping YOU every step of the way to reach your goals.

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Here is an easy way to see if coaching with me is right for you.
Get Unstuck! 
Have you been struggling to make progress on your goals?  Do you know what to do, but you just can't seem to make yourself do it?
In this 45 minute session, I will help you discover what is REALLY holding you back and how you can move through it so you can finally make the progress you want.
Only $97!
"I brought a whole laundry list of issues to Lorna when were first met and she helped me identify which ones were causing me the most pain as well as preventing me from designing my optimum life. During our first session she led me on a guided hypnosis to address my fears and anxieties and I left her office feeling a hundred pounds lighter and ready to tackle the world."  A.C. - Charlotte
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The Journey from Surviving to Thriving
is a six-step process designed to get you out of feeling lost, stuck and unfulfilled to a life of passion, purpose, happiness, and fulfillment.

Step 1:  Your starting point

When you enter a destination into your GPS, it is not enough to get you where you want to go; it also needs to know your starting point.  In step 1, we explore where you are now.  We discuss the parts of your life where you feel stuck, lost, and unfulfilled and how this shows up for you.  There is no judgment, and you are not alone.  Many people experience these same things, and we will use this information just like your favorite map app does to map the best route for you to your destination.  Here is where you take your first step out of survival mode.


Hypnosis 1 – will focus on resolving underlying issues discussed in Step 1 and ease your transition to step 2.


Step 2:  Self Discovery  You know where you are starting from, but you may not quite know exactly where you want to go yet.  You have some ideas, they might be vague or vivid, but you are not sure exactly where you want to go.  It is like knowing you want a relaxing weekend getaway, but you have not yet decided on mountains or beaches.  They are both beautiful, but you are not clear what will be the most fun.  The self-discovery process is where we brainstorm all the possibilities for your beautiful life.  No censor, No should or shouldn’t.  Ideas can be practical, wild, or anything in between we are laying it all out there.  Don’t worry if you have no idea at this point. I have plenty of tools to help you get your creative juices flowing.  You are never alone!  In this step, we define what thriving looks like for you.


Step 3:  Tacking the Fear and the “Yeah, but’s”

Now that you start seeing all of these exciting choices for your life, there is that little voice that starts to pop up saying “that sounds great, but you’re over 40, or you aren’t a gazillionaire, or you don’t have whatever”  This is the part where we stare down those fears and resolve them once and for all.  We will work through a series of techniques to compassionately help you resolve these doubts and bolster your confidence to move forward.  You are feeling energized and excited as you start to get to know yourself again.


Hypnosis 2 - will focus on increasing confidence and resolving specific fears of failure and success.  Hypnotherapy will be used to move that voice in your head from detractor to cheerleader.


Step 4:  Evaluating your options and choosing the best route  Using the vacation example, here is the part where we look at your mountain and beach vacation options and choose one.  Let’s say you pick the beach, but there are four different beach destinations within a few hours' drive, and you aren’t sure which one to choose.  So, you start looking at what each choice offers you and what resonates with you the most.  Concerning your life, we start looking at the things that get you excited, and you can see yourself doing.  You might do some research on things that you need more information on or try dipping your toe into a new area to see if it’s right for you.  You are getting clear on what you want before you commit.  No pressure, no stress, you are having fun exploring all the options. 


Step 5:  Planning

Now that you have discovered what it is that lights you up and you are ready to go for it, we get your strategic plan in place to get moving.  In this step, we develop a clear, practical, and detailed strategy that will help you get to where you are going.  It is like plugging both the starting point and destination into GPS and choosing the route you want, tolls or no tolls, fastest or shortest route and use or avoid highways.  You know what you want, and we pay out the action steps to get you there.  You have a plan, and you can feel that things are already lining up in your favor.


Step 6:  Lights, Camera, Action!

Now is the time to get in the car and start driving down the road.  In the case of your life, this is where we start following your action plan step by step.  But, don’t worry, you are not alone.  I am here to help keep you on track and assist with anything that comes up along the way.  Think of me as your roadside assistance for your life.  I will help you stay accountable to your plan and help with any roadblocks along the way.  You are well on your road to thriving, and I’m here to guide you and cheer you to your destination.


Optional Hypnosis 3 - is here to support you on your journey knowing you are good enough, have a solid plan, and are fully deserving of the life you want.

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"I was facing some career and health challenges and just felt stuck. Within an hour of coaching, Lorna was able to pull out the common denominator: Resentment! She created a personalized hypnosis that was about 30 minutes long and I went under quickly during the session. She recorded it and encouraged me to listen to it before I go to bed as many nights as I was able. I felt better immediately and like something was working under the surface. I continued coaching sessions with her and she helped me get clear on exactly what I wanted to create in my life. Within only 2 weeks I received a dream job offer and new clients were being referred to me for my side business. The resentment block was lifted…now I’m drenched in abundance. Highly recommend Live Love Transform!" M.M. - Charlotte