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want to change your life but it seems overwhelming?

 I can help! 

have you ever...

Have you ever felt like things used to flow for you, and now you just seem stuck?
Have you ever stopped and looked at your life and wondered how you got where you are and where all the time has gone?
Have you ever found yourself thinking about the dreams you had when you were young before life got in the way? -And they just seem out of reach.
Have you ever found yourself wondering who you really are anymore? (divorce or separation or empty nest)
Have you ever found yourself drinking a little too much or using substances to help you cope with daily life?
Have you ever wanted to change your life, but had no idea how or where to start?

You've come to the right place!

I've been in those uncomfortable shoes (yes, all of them) and can help navigate you through the darkness and into the light on the other side. 
Imagine this...

The alarm goes off; it’s 6:00 am and, instead of groaning and planning to hit the snooze button for first of at least three times, you stretch and smile. You feel rested, energized, and excited to start the day. Instead of scrambling to get dressed and out the door, you sit down to enjoy your coffee and look through your FB feed.  As you scroll, you catch an inspirational post from one of your friends, and it makes you feel good because it resonates with you instead of feeling like a far-off dream.

... As you head for the office, you see your reflection in the mirror - wow, you look relaxed and put together!


Later, on your lunch break, you decide to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and breeze.  You find yourself chatting with the waitress and others nearby, instead of staring at your phone.  You feel so confident; you want to connect with people and observe what is going on around you.  The need to hide from the world and desperately try to regain your sanity on your lunch hour is a distant memory.  You enjoy life and being around people!


Evening comes, and you cannot wait to get home and share your day with your loved ones and hear about their days.  No more drowning out life with television, there is so much excitement in the real world.  As you laugh and joke around the dinner table, it strikes you how good it feels to be alive.


As you hop into bed at night, your mind is clear and calm.  You are overflowing with gratitude for your fantastic job, family, and life. You no longer struggle with anxious thoughts; instead, you drift into a deep, restful sleep.  You know you are living the life you were born to live.  You are really thriving!

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What makes me different
I do not rush YOU through YOUR appointment. I allow YOU up to 90 minutes per session for coaching and hypnosis - YOU do not have to take it all, but the choice is YOURS.

FYI - Sessions longer than 1 hour are not common, but I want YOU to have the time YOU need to feel complete in YOUR session.

I have a REAL OFFICE and I'd love to SEE YOU IN PERSON. Understanding this is not always possible due to geography; I will work with YOU via Zoom, Skype or phone if needed. 

The life you want is waiting for you...

Live Love Transform LLC and Lorna Moon are dedicated to helping individuals create positive, lasting change in their lives.  Science has shown that 95% of our lives are controlled by our subconscious mind.  In order to create real change, one must change the programming in the subconscious mind.  There is no better shortcut to reprogramming the subconscious than hypnosis.  Coaching compliments hypnotherapy by helping the client define life improvement goals and be guided on the concrete steps toward achievement. 

Lorna Moon, MBA, CLC, MHt, is master certified in hypnotherapy by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH).  She is certified in life coaching through Life Purpose Institute, which is accredited by both the International Coach Federation and the Center for Credentialing and Education. Lorna is also a certified Breathwork Facilitator through Jon Paul Crimi. Her passion has always been helping others achieve their goals and reach their dreams in the shortest time possible.  

At Live Love Transform, I believe that body, mind, and spirit are fully interconnected and that real transformation occurs from a holistic approach.  As such, I will refer clients to or work in conjunction with other providers, such as therapists or doctors, if I feel that they have additional needs outside of my scope of expertise.  I am client-based, and the well-being of my clients is my first priority.  


"I brought a whole laundry list of issues to Lorna when were first met and she helped me identify which ones were causing me the most pain as well as preventing me from designing my optimum life. During our first session she led me on a guided hypnosis to address my fears and anxieties and I left her office feeling a hundred pounds lighter and ready to tackle the world. The relief persisted and over the course of the weekend to the degree that even my friends and family noticed the difference in me. The commented saying that it felt like I was my "old self" again - full of light and love and laughter and not weighted down by so many burdens. As I continued to meet with Lorna for coaching services, she continued to help me identify challenges ripe for solving and brainstorm strategies for addressing each one. I feel so grateful that I found her!" 

Adrienne C. - Charlotte, NC


Located in the Huntersville Professional Building:

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Serving Greater Charlotte, Huntersville, Mooresville, Denver, Cornelius, Davidson, Hickory and the world

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